Tired of Missed Calls & Lost Leads? Meet Your 24/7 Sales Rep!

Capture Every Opportunity with Gen AI-Powered Voice Bot.


60% of customers hang up when they reach voicemail. That's 6 out of 10 potential leads you're losing every day.

Why Choose Our Phone Bot?

24/7 Availability

Never miss a customer call again. Our phone bot operates round the clock


Handle an unlimited number of calls simultaneously, ensuring no customer is left waiting

Lead Generation & Qualification

Efficiently generate and qualify leads, streamlining your sales process

Cost Efficiency

Trim your operational costs by reducing the need for a large team

Human-Like Interaction

Our advanced technology ensures interactions feel natural and engaging.

Appointment Booking

Seamlessly manage and book appointments without any manual intervention.

See Our Bot In Action

Hello I'm Roger

Audio Player

Hello I'm Cynthia

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Effortless Deal Closing

Ready to Close More Deals with Less Effort?

Don't get left behind. Automate your communication, nurture your leads, and close more deals effortlessly.

What Our Customers Say

“Since implementing the phone bot, our customer satisfaction has skyrocketed and we’ve saved significantly on staffing costs.”

James D.

Customer Service Manager

“Customers love our 24/7 support. IntellCall handles questions quickly and seamlessly escalates complex issues to our team”

Daniel Taylor

Sales Director

”IntellCall is like having a whole team of expert salespeople working around the clock. It's booked more meetings than we could have ever imagined!.”

Jasper Hayes


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the IntellCall voice bot sound robotic or natural?

We offer a whole chorus of voices, from friendly and approachable to downright charming. You pick the one that best serenades your customers.

How much control do I have over how the IntellCall voice bot interacts with my customers?

You're the director! You can script the bot's lines, teach it your business lingo, and even give it a personality that matches your brand's vibe.

What happens if the IntellCall voice bot can't answer a question or the customer gets frustrated?

No worries! Our bot knows when to pass the baton. It smoothly hands off tricky calls to your human agents, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Is my customer data safe with IntellCall?

You bet! We take data security seriously. Think of us as the Fort Knox of customer information, protecting it with top-notch security measures.

How much does it cost to set up and use IntellCall's voice bot service?

We've got options to fit every budget, from small startups to growing enterprises. Let's chat to find the perfect plan for you.

How long does it take to get the IntellCall voice bot up and running for my business?

We're all about speed! In many cases, your voice bot can be ready to take calls faster than you can say "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious."

Will using IntellCall's voice bot negatively impact my customer satisfaction?

Quite the opposite! Our voice bot is designed to be a customer satisfaction superhero, providing 24/7 support and lightning-fast responses.